Our Wish

  • Posture

    Helping professionals improve posture and body alignment out of pain and dysfunction.

  • Educate

    We educate our clients on the human biomechanics, and practices so that we empower our clients.

  • Joint health

    Improving joint health and its capacity to take on load, which helps heal and prevent future injuries.

  • Sculpt Your Body

    Our training incorporates scientific research and kinematic principles that will take your training and physique to the next level.

  • Weight Loss

    Our In-house Dietitian and Fitness coaches can help you create long term healthy results that will become your lifestyle.

  • Treatment

    Let us help you create relief from any tension, or pain. That you may feel due to your posture with our proven methods, using a tool.

“Working with Andrew is an all-encompassing experience towards health. You may go in for help towards getting more fit, but what you may not have bargained for is the next level service, attention to detail, cutting edge scientific training and alignment methods and mental/spiritual support he offers as just a part of being who he is. I went to him originally for some hip pain which he solved in one session and actually gave me tactics to move differently so that I wouldn’t keep encountering the same issues. ”


Sarah Smith

“Finding Andrew to help with my postural correction and overall physique has changed my views on fitness and its benefits. He is incredibly empowering, knowledgable, and committed to help you reach your personal BEST. I can't rave enough about the value he can bring into your life and I regret not finding him sooner to help me in my journey! ”


Jenny Zhang

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